Farm Liability Insurance


Farms are commercial operations with unique exposures. There are traditional working farms of one or two hundred acres and one operation. However, there are large-scale farms that cover multiple locations and operations. For example, a single farm can include dairy cows, beef cattle, poultry for eggs and meat, hay and soybean crops, and horse breeding. The owner may also rent other land to grow crops or be compensated to work a third party’s land.

A farm may be family owned and operated or corporately owned and operated. There may be houses on the farm that are occupied by the insured, employees or rented to others. In all cases, there is significant financial investment. Farm Liability provides protection, so these valuable assets are not lost due to imposed legal obligations.

Farm liability is a hybrid wording combining the coverage found under Personal Liability along with elements of a Commercial Liability policy for the business of farming.


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